Derby Christmas Ball – 24th November 2017

Book Tickets Early for Derby 2017

As the Nottingham Branch of The Lighthouse Club has now been re-branded to Nottingham & Derby the committee felt is was only right to hold a Xmas Lunch at Derby & offer the same experience as Nottingham, some companies attended both events which was what we wanted to offer, we wanted a venue to allow the event to grow in year two & be easy accessible.

Derby Cricket Ground

Wwe selected Derby County Cricket Ground just off the A52 & A38, we set ourselves a target of 150 for year one, we achieved 180, year two our target is 200, we are at 170 so far, contact Darren Lowe for tables

Nottingham Christmas Luncheon Sold Out

As expected the Nottingham Xmas Lunch sold out within a few hours of the tables being released, there were a few disappointed people who were unable to secure a table, which we were expecting, we asked a few companies would they rather move the venue outside of Nottingham City Centre to a bigger venue, all the answers were the same, we would like the venue to be in the Centre of Nottingham.

The committee feel the Crowne Plaza is best suited for us, we then set about arranging a Xmas Lunch in Derby, there is no restriction in attending both events which some companies did. Send us a message via our website Contact Form or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.